About Us:

Our vision:
To create a positive and productive society.

Our mission:
To make a web platform which will guide, motivate, encourage and teach the youths in a positive way.

Let’s see what is inside bdyouth.com!

News Room:
What do we find usually on our newspapers first in the morning? Did we ever find any good news unless some vulgar news! What BDYOUTH is trying, is to make some good and inspiring news to make your day more positive.

  • Young talent:

    We admit our youths as the backbone of our country. If we can’t portray our youths properly about their works and dreams, how can we will be able to make a nation where youths will be our energy, our soul. Some are running schools for street kids, some are winning photography contests worldwide, some are building drones, some are dreaming to be a filmmaker and so on. So here we are usually finding out those young talents who can be the role model for our young generation.

  • University News:

    Universities are our hub for nurturing and guiding our young generations. Very often we have seen that universities regularly arrange seminars, intra and inter university competitions, career fair, etc which we think should be conveyed to the people and we are accessing to those news regularly thorough our campus representatives.

  • Life Style and Others:

    Youth lifestyle encompasses no only education but so many other things. A healthy life will be ensured by proper food, time management, constructive hobbies, sports, and so many other things. We try to create regular news on these other activities as well. Besides we have always some motivational and inspirational write-ups for youths. In BDYOUTH our goal is being positive to make a change. So while we produce our write-ups based on travel or fashion we always consciously avoid worst stuffs that may carry any negative vibe.

Freelancer Zone:
Many of our young people are working part time, doing tuitions, working in a shopping mall, singing in a ceremony or restaurant, etc to support themselves. But how many? What we found there are many more who are skillful, looking for work but cannot find any. They do not know where to go or whom to approach. Considering this in mind, BdYouth.com creates a freelance bazar, where any one, having a particular skill can upload his/her profile and work portfolio for free. People who are willing to hire, can come and visit and contact with the freelancers who are enlisted here.

Reading Room:
BdYouth.com is creating a virtual platform of education materials including video tutorials, text based lectures, tips, model tests and more for the youth. As we see in Bangladesh, students have to spend a lot for guidebooks and tuitions. Due to lack of financial capacity, many of them cannot attend those expensive tutoring and subsequently miss out on competitive exams like BCS, Bank, University Admission, etc. Now, with BdYouth education platform, anyone having internet connection can access to our vast educational resources for free.