Chilling in a Guhaa!

Food Review on Guhaa, the Cave Kitchen

Food trends have gone crazy! Restaurants are now competing with each other head on. Which provides the best food, service or ambience? This is indeed a hard question to answer. Each has something different to offer and one Continental restaurant/Café stands out as such. Heard of Guhaa, The Cave Kitchen?

Yes you heard right, the restaurant actually has a theme! It looks like a cave and I must say they did a fantastic job with the interior decoration. They successfully imitated the look and feel of a cave especially with the lighting and walls. The sitting area is nice and cozy. I must say it’s more like a “chill out” kind a place. I have already visited the place twice. Yes, the food is splendid as well! Moreover, I found the prices quite reasonable according to the quantity of the dishes.

Location: 736 Rangs KB square, Level 9, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi 9/A, 1209 Dhaka-1205

Simply put, the restaurant exceeded my expectations. The first thing that stood out was the service and the food. I ordered lasagna, chicken lollipops and shrimp pasta on my first visit. All of them were decent. The shrimp pasta was just impossibly delicious! The waitress that served me and my sister was very sweet thus, we were motivated to tip generously. So I left, determined to bring back my gang.

And boy, did I go back!

The Shrimp Pasta

This should be their signature dish! Their shrimp pasta is the finest I have tasted. The portion is enough for two but trust me you wouldn’t want to share! In the first bite, I instantly got the fresh taste of juicy tomato flavored shrimp. Like that was not enough, the creamy texture of the sauce gave a distinguished appeal to the pasta.

Chicken Lollipops

Deliciously plated chicken lollipops enough for two! The first thing that caught my eye was the presentation of the dish. The dish was styled very professionally. When it came to the taste of the dish- it did not disappoint.

Chicken Cashewnut Salad

Quantity! As you can see from the picture itself, I give an all thumbs up to the quantity of the dish. I dare to say, I am very impressed with the quantity of ALL the dishes.

Fried Prawn

A very simple dish, yet the prawns were fried wonderfully. The prawns were moist and fresh! Something that is quite rare to find in most restaurants.

Special Combo

Special Combo is your regular rice items with side dishes. Although, I wouldn’t recommend this dish over others, it is a very good value for money.

Without a question Guhaa the Cave kitchen serves impeccable dishes. However, I was not very delighted with their beverage items.

Would I go to Guhaa, the Cave kitchen again? Yes, even after trying a bunch of food items, I would just go there with my friends to chill out and have fun. Especially since it has good food, service and atmosphere! It’s a cool place to take pictures. Again, if you have ambience on top of your list, then Guhaa, the Cave Kitchen is a cafe you should definitely try out.

Special Correspondent

Photo Credit: Guhaa, the cave kitchen.

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