7 Amazing things to do at Cox’s Bazar!

You have heard it a lot of times. “Oh, my trip to Cox’s Bazar was okay. Nothing special.” You might agree that staring at the beach is not enough. You want more. Perhaps something that can spice up your days spent in the beach? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do!


Yes, you have read it right. If you are feeling particularly adventurous then head out to Himchori Beach. They have plenty of parasails. Don’t think. Just do it! Once you are high above the sky you can see an amazing view of Himchori hills and the never ending sea. It’s beyond anything you can imagine. Parasailing usually costs around 1500 taka and you will be in the sky for 5 minutes. It’s quiet safe. Again, don’t overthink. Just fly!

Try Sea Food

You know what beaches mean when it comes to food! Yes, Seafood! Cox’s Bazar has some amazing restaurants that offer freshly cooked dried fish, fried fish and a dozens of different types of fishes. You must try the famous Lottia Fry and Shutki( Dried Fish). A famous restaurant called Jhawban was my favourite among all the seafood restaurants I tried.

If you have an ultra-appetite for seafood then try Crabs! Yes, the locals make succulent Masala Crabs, something that can never be found in the city! Try the local restaurants found right beside the beach. Some good option are the Seafood Café and Divine Ecostone.

Hunt for Starfishes

You might want to get ready for this! These shy little creatures are not found everywhere. When you’re on the hunt, try beach points like Himchori or other secluded beach points. Please be careful, starfishes need salt water to survive so don’t even think of taking one as a pet. Be kind and leave it peacefully back to where it belongs which is the sea of course.

Build Sand Castles

A wise man once said, “You will find more happiness growing down than up” So get in a playful mood, get a bucket and start building sand castles. It’s not a science really. Go for a contest if you are with your gang!

Bury someone in the Sand!

Don’t tell me you haven’t tried this! We all have the one person in our group who we love to pull pranks on! So, go get ’em under the sand!

Splash: Water sport!

Playing football or volleyball in the beach is always fun! If sport is where your heart’s at then take it up to the next level. Try playing volleyball or any water games in the water!

Banana boat, Water bike & speedboat!

You can always go ride a speedboat or drive a water bike if you want a taste of the sea and wind! Banana boat is another recent addition to all the water boat activities. The boat is inflated with air and it’s usually meant to throw the people sitting on it right into the sea! Don’t worry you will be wearing a life jacket!

Last but not the least, you could always cycle around, go surfing, try horse riding or have ice-cream while watching the sunset. This life is short. Don’t wait for the finest places or recreational opportunities. Grab the moment and live!
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