Day Trip: MAWA

Ever crave to be outside Dhaka City? Away from all the hustle and bustle? Or maybe away from the mundane cycle of life? Well, there is always the option of taking a trip to the outskirts of Dhaka. If the sea, or river suits your fancy then consider Mawa.

Mawa is a small body of water along the banks of Padma River. Mawa shows a glimpse of life at sea. It’s nothing fancy but you can definitely take the breather that you always seek after a hectic week!

How to reach Mawa?

If you live at mirpur or near, you are in luck. There is a direct bus service there. That is ‘Shadhin’ Poribahan. Once you up, just wait for the destination. If you are not from mirpur, not to worry. Just go to Gulistan. At Gulistan you can find a number of buses that go to Mawa Ferry Ghat. I remember taking a non AC bus called V.I.P to Mawa. The fare to Mawa was 70 taka. The bus might take two to three hours to reach Mawa (depending upon the driver). Frankly, there’s no way to predict how good or bad your bus driver is going to be!

Ferry, Trawler or the speed Boat?

After reaching Mawa you have three nice options to reach the other side of Mawa. If you are in a group, then you can go by a ferry or a trawler. Ferry or trawler are quite enjoyable when you are in groups. In ferry, you get a 360 view of the river as well as spend plenty of time with your friends.

On the other hand, if you want a bit more buzz and a bit more splash, then go for the speed boat. The speed boat in Mawa Ferry Ghat usually carries around 20 people. It costs 100 taka for a 30 minute one way ride and you will definitely get soaked a couple of times. Don’t ride it if you fear of sinking!

Hunt for Elish/Hilsha

If you are a sea food enthusiast then Mawa is a place you might not want to miss. Bustling with numerous restaurants offering various types of fishes locally cooked, Mawa creates quite an appetite for food lovers. However, standing out from all the fishes, is the Mighty Elish. Succulently fried & freshly served Elish Fish are an absolute yum!

6 months ago, along with my friends when I took a trip to Mawa, I remember how mad we were on the hunt for Elish! We kept trying Elish fry from one local restaurant to the other, judging which one was better. Unfortunately we couldn’t decide which one was best. Our tastes were simply not the same when it came to culinary items.


There are many places to see in Mawa. You can just pick a random place and go exploring. However, I would advise you to go in groups because some places are quite secluded.

Mawa has a life of its own. Fishermen are busy fishing, workers are busy going to and fro from one end to the other and local businessmen are busy earning a living. It’s a beautiful harmony of work and life. Seeing it from a tourist perspective might show you that you are no different. We are all working non-stop. And we all need a breather every now and then.

Special Correspondent

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